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Leading and Healing others to Realize the Truth of who they are so that they can be FREE.

I believe I incarnated into this lifetime to transition from many lifetimes of being a warrior and a monk to become a healer. This is evidenced in the way my life has unfolded. In the military I was taught hand-to-hand combat, at which I excelled, but now the same hands that were once taught to fight, have remembered their birthright, which is to heal – and they are healing. Through my own life experiences and downloads, I have come to believe we are in the middle of a great paradigm shift in our way of being, interacting, and manifesting in the world.

Since stepping into my calling, doors have begun opening again and I am joyfully thrilled to dance with Life and follow its unfolding.

About Healing Sessions

Energetic Healing Sessions

with Don Drake

To describe a Transformational Energy Session with Don, it is important to understand that everything is energy. The physical body (be they human, animal, plant, or land) and all its systems, structures and functions are informed from an Innate Intelligence and are responsive to energy healing. Simply, healing is the process of moving from compression, heaviness, incoherence and blockage to expansion, lightness, coherence and flow.

Healing Sessions with Don

In a session, Don intently listens to the energetic intelligence of the body, tracking through time and space as it unwinds the density and returns one to the innate spaciousness and perfection of the original Self.

Each session is different; many return to go deeper and deeper still into the journey of expansion of one’s Truth and unchangeable Divine Self: one who no longer is separate and afraid, who becomes less tossed about by life’s challenges, who knows without needing to know that all is fully and effortlessly supported in abundance and Love. The sessions have the potential to be powerfully transformative physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And the work is an experiential journey, never ending, and always magical and filled with the healing energy of awe.

About The Experience

  • Speaking and Custom Retreats

    Don is available to speak and or conduct ceremony or healing sessions at your corporate event or retreat. He and his team also offer custom retreat packages. Click here to inquire.

  • Group Energy Healing Livestreams

    Get a taste of what a Transformational Energy Session with Don feels like - Join us for healing energy transmission live stream sessions from anywhere in the world!

  • About Don

    From the Military to Corporate to Healer and beyond – learn more about Don’s vast array of life experiences and what makes him such an effective Bridge.

  • Working With People & Animals

    Radiating Healing Energy comes naturally to Don – learn more about the powerful Transformational Energy practices Don offers for People, Animals, and Places!

What People Have Experienced…

Leading and Healing others to Realize the Truth of who they are so that they can be FREE.

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