About Don Drake

Don releasing birds at a Buddhist temple in the mountains of Vietnam

More About My Journey

I believe I incarnated into this lifetime to transition from many lifetimes of being a warrior and a monk to become a healer. This is evidenced in the way my life has unfolded. In the military I was taught hand-to-hand combat, at which I excelled, but now the same hands that were once taught to fight, have remembered their birthright, which is to heal – and they are healing. Through my own life experiences and downloads, I have come to believe we are in the middle of a great paradigm shift in our way of being, interacting, and manifesting in the world.

Since stepping into my calling, doors have begun opening again and I am joyfully thrilled to dance with Life and follow its unfolding.

How I Came Into The Work

Even though I attended West Point and had a very successful military and business career, I spent my career carrying severe PTSD from over a decade of extreme violence and childhood abuse. I was feeling angry, lost, depressed, unfulfilled, and confused. Though I was successful and had enthusiasm for life, I was tired all the time.

I received no relief from prescription medication. Then, burning the candle at both ends in my professional career as an oil and gas banker caused my health to deteriorate until I was hospitalized. This was a blessing as I was lucky enough to be introduced to natural medicine, homeopathy, and energy healing. These all-natural healing modalities, in combination with energetic healing work and spiritual discovery, transformed my life and inspired me to pursue my path as a transformative energy practitioner.

Where Don’s Path Started

Don grew up in rural northeastern Pennsylvania. From his earliest age he realized a great love for animals and nature while spending much of his time of playing in the hills and woods, engrossed in his imagination and creativity. While he was able to experience the magic of childhood, he also endured great pain.

As result of severe traumatic abuse, which began at a very young age, he bore witness of hospitalizations, burn out, emptiness and became an abuse survivor, enduring PTSD well into his 30’s. Don was introduced to healing energy work by way of his own healing journey – thus finding compassion for all who have suffered.

With the support of many loving beings who counseled him and shepherded him back to health, he found forgiveness and grace while he reconciled with his father. Through this quest, he embraced the light of the Divine in his father’s eyes. Don has walked a path where trauma alchemized from debilitating weakness into immeasurable strength, and he holds that space so that everyone can make the journey back to wholeness and direct knowing of who they really are so that they can be free.

From Corporate to Shamanic Practices and Beyond

Don attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon Graduating, he entered the Field Artillery and was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, where he was widely sought after for his advice, counseling, and technical knowledge. He loved being with his troops and being in the field but realized that he had a different calling than to be in the military.

After serving at Fort Hood, he exited the military and earned his MBA at Southern Methodist University. As a former vice president in the oil and gas industry, Don successfully completed several deals that “couldn’t be done” and went on to help establish the Dallas energy lending arm of another Texas bank which was entering that market.

His transition from a corporate life drilling oil wells in West Texas to the initiations in the Peruvian Shamanic tradition happened subsequently. So, in a sense he was a “self-described tree hugging oil and gas guy” who exited oil and gas to work in the “clean-tech” world of hydrogen fuel cells.

As Life’s blueprint for Don continued its unfoldment and his time at the clean-tech company came to an end, he, quite unknown to him at the time, exited the traditional “corporate” world. Don experienced door after door shutting in front of him over the next two years while trying to continue in the corporate environment. This felt like a calling to explore another option- healing and teaching full time. Amidst an amicable divorce and through unconditional love, his journey as a husband also came to an end and he left behind all that he had known to embrace something new.

About Healing Sessions

Each session is different; many return to go deeper and deeper still into the journey of expansion of one’s Truth and unchangeable Divine Self: one who no longer is separate and afraid, who becomes less tossed about by life’s challenges, who knows without needing to know that all is fully and effortlessly supported in abundance and Love. The sessions have the potential to be powerfully transformative physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And the work is an experiential journey, never ending, and always magical and filled with the healing energy of awe.

In-Person & Remote
Healing Sessions

Sessions may be either in-person or remote; remote sessions are equally if not more powerful than in-person sessions.

Healing Sessions

Animals are very open and receptive and can benefit powerfully from an energy session for either physical or emotional concerns.

Land Healing

Sessions available to clear land or buildings, such as farm blessings, location clearings for traumatic recovery, & more.

Healing Energy

Join Don for a Live Stream meditation via YouTube and check out the schedule of upcoming events.


A session can be an amazing gift to help someone you care about move forward into their freedom.

for Grounding

During the fall and winter holidays, Don often offers “mini-sessions” – think “Finding Presence in the search for presents!”

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