About Healing Sessions

Leading and Healing others to Realize the Truth of who they are so that they can be FREE.

In a session, Don intently listens to the energetic intelligence of the body, tracking through time and space as it unwinds the density and returns one to the innate spaciousness and perfection of the original Self.

What gently awakens is a return to one’s Divine Radiating Heart and gentle power, and a release of the debris and burdens of the past, which were held tightly to an identity that is not one’s True Essence.

As the physical body unwinds, and emotions and trauma are cleared, the mind stills and the heart opens as one is filled with Love in every cell, the healing energy doing its work even after a session is complete. One is unweighted from the bondage of the past, free to live more in the present, and to vision a destiny aligned with one’s heart.

Each session is different; many return to go deeper and deeper still into the journey of expansion of one’s Truth and unchangeable Divine Self: one who no longer is separate and afraid, who becomes less tossed about by life’s challenges, who knows without needing to know that all is fully and effortlessly supported in abundance and Love. The sessions have the potential to be powerfully transformative physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And the work is an experiential journey, never ending, and always magical and filled with the healing energy of awe.

Don does not seek to bring you to a new idea of who you are, telling you to remember that you are love, or that you are important and worthy, as in a new personal identity and understanding that must be upheld with reminders and memes.

Instead, he brings you back home to the pure inner Wisdom, to the deepest expression of the Divine Love radiating through the heart. From this place, all limiting beliefs that keep you separate and alone, dissolve. Working with Don facilitates a return to a reverence for Life and playfulness of the Soul. When what is shrouded in the debris of who we are not is lifted, there is spaciousness for the Universe to co-create with one who can listen with a beginner’s mind, vision with an intuitive heart and manifest fearlessly, radiating Love.

How To Book A Session

More about session options

Don invites you to begin your journey to your radiating heart with a session, either in person or remotely. Sessions can be performed on people, animals, or places and tend to run between 1 to 1½ hours.

Individual sessions are $150 a session for both Human and Animal Sessions.  Sessions may be either in-person or remote; remote sessions are equally if not more powerful than in-person sessions.

In addition to human and animal sessions, sessions may be conducted to clear land or buildings with pricing customized in alignment with the level of services desired, travel requirements, depth of ceremony, size of land parcel or building, number of people involved, etc.

A great example of land healing and clearing would be a farm blessing to raise the vibration of the crops grown, or to clear an area in which past traumas or injustices have occurred, or to clear and bless a house upon moving into it.

Don accepts cash or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express), Square, and PayPal.  Checks may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Gift certificates may also be purchased and if five or more gift certificates are purchased, then the purchaser can receive a free session for themselves.

During the fall and winter holidays, Don often offers “mini-sessions” of 30 minutes’ time for $50 – think “Finding Presence in the search for presents!”  Sessions will help you ground and return to your center, to release stress, to release heavy energy picked up in crowded shopping venues, clear and align the chakras, and teach basic grounding and centering techniques.

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Disclaimer: Don does not claim to diagnose or heal any illness, disease or condition. He works in conjunction with the traditional and alternative medical community and encourages you to seek out a physician for conditions requiring medical treatment.